I do design and development work—mostly brand identities, websites, and apps. When you need someone to understand your business and own the creative, I'm your hero.

While brand identities and websites are my bread and butter, my abilities cross over into industrial design, photography, and video. I have tremendously talented partners that I rely on for web development, 3D, and other technical and creative work you may find in my portfolio. Together, we work in a decentralized network of elite freelancers, each contributing our own piece to the creative puzzle.

If you are a smaller company with a range of creative needs and the committment to doing things well, but perhaps without the budget to afford a marquee design house or the patience to manage a team of independents, get in touch. To learn more how I work and the client-contractor relationship, see my process.

Travel is an essential part of my life and I regularly travel worldwide for work and pleasure. If you need someone who can work onsite with your teams, there’s a good chance I’ll have the flexibility and desire to do that. If you would like to see where I have been recently, you can visit my blog Discocrabs on the Road.

Picture of Sterling Lentz

My Background

I have been a freelancer since 2011, working on projects large and small. When I first began, my ambitions were to become a creative director, but I figured the only thing most clients would trust a 23-year-old to do would be to design websites. So that’s where I started. Over time, as my skills grew, clients began entrusting me to design for and manage different projects. I didn’t always know what I was doing, but I knew I could figure it out. I developed a reputation for getting things done, sometimes in odd, untraditional ways. A client once asked me to decide on a tradeshow display from a selection of vendors. Unhappy with the options, I recommended building our own. I worked with a welder, a glass fabricator, a vinyl guy, and two sign companies to create something completely custom from the ground up. That’s how I think. I don’t believe the best must also be the most expensive, but I do know it requires a different way of thinking. All problems have good solutions, you just have to be willing to reconsider the questions you’re asking. For more on my thought process, visit my blog or view my process.

I am a graduate of the University of Oregon, with a Bachelor of Arts from the School of Journalism and the Robert D. Clark Honors College. I received a full-ride scholarship from the Western Golf Association and the Evans Scholars Foundation. The scholarship is given to caddies who are financially challenged and academically gifted.

Growing up poor shaped much of how I see the world today. I remember times where my mom, who raised me on her own, only had enough money for a half gallon of gas to get us somewhere. The revolving door of beater cars and strange living situations create a bizarre childhood cocktail of thoughts and habits. There was one period of my life where I spent a year in a posh suburb of Northern California and then three months after that in a tent with my dad on the beach in Wai’pio Valley (basically in a van down by the river). What it all means, I can only guess, but it’s taught me to be open to many different forms of thought, possibilities, and ways of life.