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With a background in project management, I manage all my projects from start to finish. Many of these projects progress through five separate phases. In order for the project to move to the following phase, the previous phase must be completed first. This process is the reason why my projects are regularly delivered on time and on budget with a high level of quality, even when there are multiple contributors to the project.

1 - Planning

My planning phase includes a rigorous client intake, industry review, and summary document of your business, audience, objective, and strategy. My personal goal with each of my clients is to become so well versed in their business, industry, and product that I am indistinguishable from an employee. I can be trusted with information and to understand that information. I am not only a designer, but a business-savvy entrepreneur and an advertising professional.

2 - Wireframing

Wireframing is arguably the most crucial phase of all, as it demonstrates how something will work and how it will be used. Wireframes are skeletons of web pages and interfaces that illustrate the organization of elements and content hierarchy. Wireframes are key to correcting UI flaws before the visual design component makes the product difficult and time consuming to revise.

3 - Design

This phase is self-explanatory, but my approach to design is not. When I am designing anything, whether it be a logo, a web page, or an app, I am constantly asking myself a single question: is this design on strategy? In other words, does what I am doing agree with what I am supposed to be doing. As intuitive as this approach may be, it is surprisingly rare among designers. Many designers begin with a clear idea of what they are supposed to accomplish, but slowly drift toward their own creative preferences.

4 - Development

Rarely will you find a talented designer and developer in the same person. For this reason I work with a development partner, the gifted and versatile Nathan Batson. His process remains a mystery to me, but from what I can tell this is what happens: Nathan hikes deep into the Appalachians of West Virginia with nothing but a pocket knife and a laptop. According to schedule, Nathan completes his work. The website being fully developed, Nathan fires a flare into the sky to signal rescue

5 - QA and Launch

This is an opportunity for Nathan and I to complete our own rigorous internal review process, addressing bugs and issues that may be invisible to the you. This is also an opportunity for you to review the project, making sure that everything is exceeding your expectation. Than we launch and it’s champagne and glitter.

Technical Details

All my projects, no matter the size, are managed with 100% client-side transparency through:

Apollo Project Management System

and I track my time to the minute to maintain accurate and honest pricing (even though I charge by the project in most circumstances)

Harvest Time Tracking Software